COVID-19 Vaccination Notifications

Our government understands that the vaccination rollout is a game-changer to stop the transmission of COVID-19. Our Mississauga-Malton family stands together in fighting the virus. 

To get notified by text or email with COVID-19 immunization updates, please fill out the following form, including your age group. By completing this form you are not booking a vaccine appointment, you are simply signing up to be notified once you are eligible, based on the age you turn during 2021. Ex. If you turn 75 in October 2021, and the current phase is for individuals 75 and older, you would be part of this phase. 

Our Community Office stands ready to help - if you need any assistance whatsoever in regards to the vaccination procedure, please email us at [email protected], or phone us at (905) 696 0367

*Please note that if you are trying to register multiple people, please use a different email address per person if possible. If the same email is used multiple times it will re-write the registration.

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